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Govt Releases Guidance on Grade 9 Student Placement.

Govt Releases Guidance on Grade 9 Student...

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How the Grade 12 evaluation will differ from the Grade 9 assessment.

How the Grade 12 evaluation will differ from the Grade 9 assessment. According to Belio Kipsang, principal secretary for basic education, learners would be placed...
HomeNewsA Migori teacher commits suicide on the school's parade ground.

A Migori teacher commits suicide on the school’s parade ground.

A Migori teacher commits suicide on the school’s parade ground.

A teacher was discovered hanging from a tree at the parade field of a mixed-boarding secondary school in Migori County, shocking the students.

According to a statement released by police on Tuesday, September 12, the teacher allegedly got into a fight with his wife before going to a nearby bar.

The teacher returned to work after his drinking binge, and security personnel let him in even though they didn’t know he was about to commit suicide.

The police statement said, in part, “He walked into the school compound at night and went to the parade ground where he took his own life.”

When students were getting ready to begin their studies in the morning, the body of the teacher was found.

He had arguments with his wife before committing suicide, according to preliminary findings. The teacher had been traveling to school from his remote residence, according to a portion of the police report.

The Secondary School teacher was last seen in the local market with friends, but the police claim that she never returned home.

“Prior to that evening, he was seen making several calls possibly in arguments with his caller believed to be the wife who told him not to come home if he was drunk,” the statement stated.

As soon as they arrived on the site, Migori police officers removed the teacher’s body and took it to the public mortuary at the Migori County Referral Hospital where an autopsy would be performed.

As a result, the detectives also obtained testimony from the children who found the body and the school officials who informed the police about the incident.

Police are anticipated to go to the teacher’s home as part of the ongoing inquiry to record a statement from the wife.

Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts is urged to seek counseling from professionals, such as clerics and psychologists. Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF): 0800 723 253 is one of the support hotlines that provides assistance to persons in Kenya who are contemplating suicide.

A humanitarian organization called Befriend works to prevent suicide by providing free emotional assistance to individuals who are in need.

The phone number and email for Befriend are +254 722 178 177 and, respectively.