It is away of making the public aware of products and services on market. The aim is to create a demand for the product.

N/B:- It is considered the quickest ay of passing information about a product and service.

The purpose of advertising is to introduce:

  • new product into the market/promotes sale to benefit the producer
  • N/B: a decrease in sales is normally due to competition in the market that makes consumers attracted to new product hence sales of the old are reduced.
  • It is used to increase sales because it tends to attract the consumer.


  • Informative
  • Persuasive
  • Competitive

Informative advertisement

Informs the consumer about a product without telling him about goodness or badness of it. e.g:

  • the long availed for unisex t-shirt now available at hibiscus Botique in NRB branches, MBS, Nanyuki etc.

N/B:- it informs the consumers of availability of certain products and services.  Aim is to make consumers buy it but he finds out more on it by herself/himself.

Persuasive advertisement

It persuades consumers to buy a product or service other than one he is used to.  The advertiser mentions qualities that can be convincing to the consumer e.g Mocha Body cream keeps skins soft smooth and healthy protects skin firm harsh weather conditions keeps you looking young keeps you feeling cool and fresh.

Competitive advertisement

Its common where 2 or more competitors well a similar product e.g cooking fat/tooth paste.  Each manufacturer try to convince the consumer how much better his product e.g the best on the  market will persuade consumers to but his brand of toothpaste because it has fluoride and another that one doesn’t need fluoride because it is in water and too much is bad for health.

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Information can be passed through the following forms:

  • person to person form
  • print media
  • electronic media

(1) Electronic media

Includes radio, television, film etc;

N/B:- when using this form one should consider the following; a) knowing category of consumer to target

  1. b) ensure the consumers are reached

e.g advert being show just before news in middle of a very interesting movie.

T.V is most affecting.  It combines pictures, sound and action hence catching the attention of the consumer.

(2) Print media

e.g magazines, newspapers, pradingings, billboard, buses, bristops.

N/B: when choosing on the media one has to consider the kind of people likely to buy products and see how to understand the one advertising for farm equipment and other materials well put this in a farmers magazine but not a children’s magazine for them to sell/ putting in daily newspaper information will rich a larger number of people and will be fast.

N/B:- Billboards on lighting can also be used to pass a message.


The agent moves from one place to another to enlighten people on products.


One is offered a demonstration on performance of the product.


Cost of selling is very expensive because it is time consuming so increases because of product and service.

Effects of advertisement on the consumer

  • Some may mislead consumers through deceptive false information that is misleading,
  • Examples of a deceptive and misleading advert,
  • When it influences a buying behaviour that may be harmful to the consumer’s health e.g leading to excessive use of cigarettes or alcohol,
  • When it is ambiguous – when there is likely of misinterpreting the message.

Negative effects

  1. leads to increase of product cost in order to cover advertising products,
  2. lower quality products may be preferred than high quality ones that have not been advertised well,
  3. they interrupts radio and television programmes unnecessarily iv) they lead to impulse buying i.e buying without prior planning.

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Positive effects

  1. enables consumers satisfy their needs effectively,
  2. brings to the consumer awareness of a better commodity/service than the previous one he has been using,
  3. increases demand of products hence higher sales and higher production, so low cost, high production will also create employment and improves living standards of consumers,
  4. increases competition among manufactures so improved products.

This competition sometimes lowers the price of goods.

  1. create employment for advertising agents. Adverts can be educative and entertaining e.g those having music and drama.




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