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Equity Bank KCPE Scholarships


Applications Open For Equity Bank 2022 Wings to Fly KCPE Scholarship

Equity Bank KCPE Scholarships 2022 Wings to Fly

The Equity scholarship program was formed to aid high performing children hailing from
less fortunate backgrounds. The program beneficiaries are selected from across Kenya’s
47 counties, based on their performance in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education
(KCPE) examination.
Awareness of the program is conveyed through public forums i.e. administrative chief’s
forums, places of worship, through radio announcements and social media channels.
Application is made at all Equity Bank branches, Equity Agents and on the Equity Group
Foundation’s Website. Beneficiaries of the scholarship are selected by the Community
Scholarship Selection Board (CSSB), which is made up of key leaders in the community
and is chaired by the County or sub-County Director of Education.

2022 Wings to Fly KCPE Scholarship  Instructions

Equity Bank KCPE Scholarships
Applicant should create a new account through the portal https://egfdmis.equitybank.co.ke/register_w2f and fill in the 2022 application form for consideration.

1. Only 2021 KCPE candidates are viable to make an application for this scholarship.
2. The information provided in this form is intended to help Equity Group Foundation
Community Scholarship Selection Board (CSSB) understand the applicant’s academic and financial position for the purpose of assessment for scholarship/award.
3. All fields with asterisk (*) are mandatory fields and must be filled accordingly.
4. This application form must be filled accurately, honestly and completely. Equity
Group Foundation will reject any applications without relevant documents.

5. Please review the following documents and if required have soft/scanned copies for
ease of completing the online application form:

KCPE Results Slip (official KNEC slip or signed & stamped paper from the school). For early bird applications, you will be allowed to complete the application form without KCPE marks and Result Slip until submission.
Copy of Death Certificate (if father/mother deceased).
Evidence of financial support (if they have received support in the past).
Evidence of special needs (if they have indicated special needs).
Copy of Pay Slip/ Bank Statement (if parents/guardians are employed/business).

Equity Bank KCPE Scholarships
Signed declaration by Applicant and Parent/Guardian Filled application and recommendation form by Head Teacher, Provincial Adm., Religious Leader and any other.
6. The completion and submission of this form is not a guarantee for sponsorship.
7. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews.
8. Any false statements, omissions or forged documents will lead to automatic disqualification.

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Giving back to the Society by using all resources available to help young people move up in academic ladder and also change the upcoming society.
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