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KUCCPS Now Opens portal For KCSE 2022


KUCCPS Now Opens portal For KCSE 2022

KUCCPS Now Opens portal For KCSE 2022

In this month of April 2022, those students preparing for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2021 will begin a second revision of their degree/diploma courses.

Above mentioned exercise is open to candidates for the 2021 KCSE who desire to study their university and college courses.

Those candidates who had not yet  applied for courses at their respective schools will now be able to do so.

Good news is that all 826,807 KCSE candidates will be placed in higher education institutions, according to Mercy Wahome, CEO of Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

Part of the statement by Kuccps CEO reads “In May, the KUCCPS application portal will open. When the site opens, candidates who applied for courses at school and would like to amend their options will be able to do so.”

Dr. mercy Wahome declared that all 145,145 students who received a C+ or higher on the university admission exam will be offered government-sponsored slots at public and private universities.

She added, “Candidates with grades ranging from E to C will be eligible for government sponsorship at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) schools.”

In the recently released KCSE exam,  there were 681,662 candidates who scored between C plain and E.

As per to the CS Education , George Magoha stated that, depending on their grades, all candidates were qualified to transfer to higher learning institutions.

Professor Magoha  emphasized the importance of focusing on upgrading TVET institutions, which will be attended by the bulk of Form Four graduates.

Wahome also added, “We want to let the public know that modalities are being worked out to begin the process of placing the 2021 KCSE candidates in various degree and TVET courses for the 2022/2023 academic year,”

On the other hand,she  added that only those who apply for placement at various universities and TVET institutes will be considered for government sponsorships and placement.

Kuccps Application window for 2021 applications was opened in March for the first application exercise.

School Principals were to submit candidates’ course preferences via the KUCCPS website.

Therefore it means that students whose schools have failed to submit course applications will have to do so themselves once the service reopens.

All the Students have a total of 18 possibilities when it comes to applications.

There are Six degree programs, four diploma programs, and a corresponding number of craft certificate programs are provided. There are four more options for artisan certificate courses.

For Degree candidates, there  are required to rank their top four courses in order of preference.

Kuccps Portal

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