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KUCCPS Revision of Courses Now Open


KUCCPS Revision of Courses Now Open

KUCCPS Revision of Courses Now Open.

The public is informed of the availability of an open online portal for Kenya universities and colleges central placement service (KUCCPS) for candidates who may like to complete their first course revision.

The official KUCCPS website’s online portal for first-place course placement opened in March of this year. This was carried out in the various educational establishments (secondary schools).

Every institution’s principals and academic staff were obligated to assist students in filling out and submitting online forms for their desired courses.

Despite this, some students were unable to enroll in such courses for a variety of reasons, including a lack of ability to achieve the minimum prerequisites or program competitiveness.

Many candidates have been waiting for the KUCCPS site to open in order to revise their programs.

Dr. Wahome has announced that the online portal is now open for course first revisions. Applicants who were unable to be placed or who were placed in courses in which they did not feel comfortable are encouraged to revise.

Each candidate should take care to use the program that they are most familiar with. As a result, no one should force anyone to participate in a program that they have not chosen.

Candidates should apply to the program of their choice in order of priority.

In the 2021 KCSE exam, approximately 145,145 students received a C+ or higher. All of these applicants, according to Dr. Wahome, will have to be placed in various university and college programs.

In the 2021 KCSE exam, about 680,000 candidates received a C Plain or lower. These are acceptable entrance requirements for Diploma, Certificate, craft, and artisan programs.

There are a total of 18 programs for which applications are required.

These are the following:

) six chances for the degree program

II) Four chances for the diploma option

III) Four options for the Craft courses

IV) Four options for the artisan courses.

You only require your KCSE index number and birth certificate number or KCPE index number as your log in details.

To revise your courses for KUCCPS, follow the link below on


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