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Govt Releases Guidance on Grade 9 Student Placement.

Govt Releases Guidance on Grade 9 Student...

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How the Grade 12 evaluation will differ from the Grade 9 assessment.

How the Grade 12 evaluation will differ from the Grade 9 assessment. According to Belio Kipsang, principal secretary for basic education, learners would be placed...
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List Of Bachelor Degrees

List Of Bachelor Degrees With Lowered Cluster Points (KUCCPS)

List Of Bachelor Degrees

Thousands of students hoping to enroll in universities and colleges this year will be relieved to learn that the government, through the KUCCPS, has lowered the minimum requirements for some courses offered at various universities across the country.

Students starting university this year will be obliged to choose alternate subjects in order to achieve the minimal requirements for various degree programs.

The government has created new courses to provide for work market dynamics as a result of reforms and advances in the education sector, as well as requests from the job market.

Students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in fields such as:

  • education,
  • agriculture,
  • fashion, and design,

among others, will benefit the most from the process.

In some courses, the minimum grade for mathematics, biology, and other subjects will be reduced or replaced with other subjects as a result of the reviews.

The criteria were developed to recognize areas such as agriculture and education, where many students are disadvantaged by the minimum subject requirements to enrol in institutions, according to KUCCPS Chief Executive Officer Mercy Wahome.

The new standards will apply to KCSE students who took the national exams in March this year when they apply for university and college placement.

Wahome also stated in the new standards that home science will be recognized as one of the subjects for students pursuing degree courses in fashion and design, which was previously not the case.

Furthermore, she stated that as a result of the new reforms, Kiswahili will be accepted as an alternative to English for students pursuing a degree in education science. Mathematics will not be a minimum subject requirement for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education arts.

The minimal biological criteria for students pursuing degree courses in agribusiness and agricultural economics, on the other hand, have been reduced from C+ to C plain.

Due to high admittance levels, universities and colleges are likely to confront a pressure on their resources as the government relaxes qualification requirements for degree courses.



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