List of Courses offered by NYS 2022-2023, Admission requirements

List of Courses offered by NYS 2022-2023, Admission requirements

List of Courses offered by NYS 2022-2023:Admission requirements

Have you been wondering where you can get free college training in Kenya? NYS is one of the institutions in the country where you can access free college education at no cost as long as you get enrolled through the recruitment drive.

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The wide range of NYS courses offered means that there are endless opportunities that prospective students can pursue.

The National Youth Service (NYS) was established in 1964 to help young people discover and develop their potential. In 2014, it was restructured by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta into a premier agency.

Since it was founded, the institution has trained, transformed and empowered more than 30,000 Kenyan youths.

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How to apply for NYS recruitment

NYS recruitment is the first phase of the NYS training program. Enrollment in the service is voluntary for Kenyan youth between 18 and 22 years. Interested candidates attend interviews, and successful ones are issued with an official calling letter to attend mandatory paramilitary training for a period of six months.

The main objective of paramilitary training is to inculcate team spirit and to produce a proud, disciplined, and obedient soldier who will always be ready to serve our Nation.

Once the paramilitary training is completed, trainees attend a vocational training institute to be equipped with marketable skills such as hospitality and engineering will make them employable once they graduate from NYS.

They are required to complete the NYS course application form and specify their preferred course.

Which courses are offered in NYS?

In line with its core mission of training and mentoring Kenya’s youth through technical and vocational programs, NYS offers several diploma, craft, and artisan courses in various fields such as engineering, agriculture, and hospitality.

Here is a list of courses offered. NYS offers diploma courses in various vocational training institutions located across the country.

Here are some of the diploma courses that are worth pursuing.

1. Agriculture

2. Automotive Engineering

3. Electrical Engineering (Installation and Control)

4. Telecommunication

5. Business Management

6. Computer Studies

7. ICT

8. Information Technology

9. Civil Engineering

10. Building Technology

11. Avionics

12. Construction Plant

13. Air Frame

14. Fashion and Design

15. Early Childhood and Development Education

16. Food and Beverage

17. Catering and Accommodation Management

18. Supply Chain Management

19. Human Resource Management

20. Sales and Marketing

21. Secretarial Studies

Craft courses offered at NYS

Craft certificate courses empower young people with technical skills that make them more employable or innovative to launch their own businesses.

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