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The idea for starting Ricasi Consultancy was conceived in 2007 when the founder, operating a small enterprise, noted a dire need for quality, cost effective, integrated and best fit support solutions to help his SME operate efficiently and gain a competitive edge so it could not only survive past the two year mark but maintain sustainable growth. The journey that began for us as a quest to solve our personal needs, led us to deliver valued solutions that anticipate and satisfy our clients strategic and operational needs through our 3-D process. We started our operations as a sole proprietorship in 2007 that was later incorporated to a private limited company in September 2015.




To be successful as an online teacher, you should create a safe, nurturing environment that is sensitive to students’ learning styles. An outstanding online teacher will demonstrate an awareness of the environmental factors that influence students’ progress in the course.

Job Description

  • Creating and presenting lessons that are congruent with students’ educational needs (class size 16-24 students).
  • Encouraging participation within the classroom to promote the consolidation of learning content.
  • Mediating conflict between students.
  • Establishing relationships with students to ensure that they disclose cognitive and psychosocial difficulties that may impede their academic progress.
  • Grading homework, projects, and quizzes in a timely manner.
  • Monitoring and reporting on students’ progress.
  • Reporting recurrent technical difficulties and other notable incidents to the appropriate member of staff.
  • Attending staff meetings, as required.
  • Respecting cultural differences among students and staff.
  • Ensuring that all requisite equipment remains in excellent condition.





  • Bachelor’s degree in education with relevant specialization.
  • Registered with the Teachers Service Commission.
  • Proven teaching experience, ideally in a similar setting.
  • Personal computer with a built-in or separate webcam and a headset fitted with a microphone, or a good smartphone.
  • Quick and steady internet connection.
  • Computer literate.
  • A well-lit, distraction-free environment from which to conduct your lessons.
  • Well-groomed appearance.
  • Outstanding verbal, non-verbal, and written skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and time management skills





Giving back to the Society by using all resources available to help young people move up in academic ladder and also change the upcoming society.
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