SURVEY ENUMERATORS AND SUPERVISORS. Indepth Research Institute, Data Science Lab Unit, offers data collection, data processing and Analytics services for both quantitative and qualitative research approaches and deliver data in the formats that are easy to comprehend and operationalize thus helping our clients positively influence their business developments. We use the modern data technologies and the latest statistical data soft wares to enhance these processes and produce effective data outputs to the benefits of our clients and their organizations.

Job summaries

We are seeking to hire Enumerators and Survey Supervisors who are based in each of the 47 counties
in Kenya.


Key responsibilities

  • Conduct data collection using the provided data collection tool (Either Online/Offline)
  •  Attend enumerator workshops to gain a thorough and clear overview of the context, objectives
    and relevance of the impact of the survey.
  •  Understand the manual content, the survey instrument – questionnaire, the survey protocols and
  •  Visit each household, perform demos where necessary, be keen to observe and check that there
    are no inconsistencies.
  •  Transcribe record, take pictures, enter and maintain data in electronic forms in the App format
  •  Conduct household survey on selected households within the assigned areas
  •  Document all the findings in the provided data collection tools.
  •  Participate in team review meetings at the beginning/end of each day’s assignment
  •  Execute surveys and any additional survey-based exercises in the project area as needed
    Compiling and sorting the filled data collection tools as directed by the supervisor.


  •  Present the data to the supervisor at the end of each day.
  •  Report to the supervisor before and after day’s work for further direction.
  •  Ensure submission of data gathered in an efficient manner, either in paper format or through
    mobile application (to be determined)

Expected Outputs

  •  Fill in duly completed questionnaires from the field on daily basis
  • Minimum Qualifications and Professional Experience
  •  Previous experience using mobile data collection tools to collect data.
  •  Demonstrated prior experience in household surveys, baseline surveys, midterm surveys or end line survey is an added advantage.
  •  Relevant education and background.
  •  Must be keen, observant and pay attention to detail especially in recording the responses.
  •  Must have a smart phone and strong technology skills to input data in the App, take pictures and measurements.
  •  Must have a KRA pin and National ID card.
  •  Must be able to communicate in English, Swahili and the respondent’s local language.
  •  Must have interpersonal skills to interact with people from various backgrounds, explain the survey purpose and conduct interviews.
  •  Comfortable commuting for long distances covering a wide area.
  •  Available to work for the whole duration of the survey.
  •  Familiarity with local context or culture.
  •  High integrity and punctuality.
  •  Teamwork and collaborative skills.


  • The County Survey Supervisors will oversee, instruct, and lead enumerators. They will have responsibilities prior to, during, and after data collection for all upcoming surveys. The Survey Supervisor will also ensure that the survey enumeration targets are met or exceeded and quality standards are rigorously enforced, within the budget and time constraints.

Key responsibilities

  •  Attend and deliver enumerator training sessions and ensure enumerators fully understand their responsibilities and survey concepts.
  •  Understand completely the questionnaire administration
  •  Assign enumeration areas to enumerators
  •  Follow guidelines for executing the systematic random sampling of households
  •  Prepare a daily itinerary for enumerators
  •  Distribution of all survey documents and materials to enumerators
  •  Lead the enumerators and thoroughly understand all aspects of the field operations
  •  Oversee the listing phase of households
  •  Sample households by conducting random systematic sampling
  •  Ensure enumerators visit households in the enumeration area.
  •  Contact local chiefs, introducing enumerators to the local leadership on the ground
  •  Maintain constant contact with enumerators and assist them in resolving problems that they encounter.
  •  Conduct spot checks of enumerators as they administer the household questionnaire
  •  Conduct final review of questionnaire when enumerator completes administration of questionnaire
  •  Report any issues with enumerators to IRES office.
  •  Coordinate any replacement of enumerators who become sick or cannot properly execute their duties
  •  Check and collect all survey documents, materials, and completed questionnaires
  •  Check quality of questionnaires to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Minimum Qualifications and Professional Experience
  •  Bachelor’s degree in Statistics or relevant field is required
  •  At minimum three years of experience in any of the humanitarian or international development sectors i.e. WASH, Child Protection, Gender Based Violence, Health,
  • Food Security and Livelihoods, Nutrition, Early Recovery etc.
  •  Experience training enumerators for data collection in Kenya and in the region.
  •  Experience applying random sampling techniques
  •  Experience overseeing and managing data collection.
  •  Experience with leading household survey data collection, preferred
  •  Knowledge on the use of tablets for data collection and data collection apps
  •  Experience in conducting Field Group Discussions (FGDs) and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs)
  •  Fluency in oral and written English is required
  •  Fluency in oral and written local languages preferred

Mode of engagement

  • Successful candidates will be contacted immediately to offer services as external consultants. More
    information will be initiated in the first meeting.
  • Only applicants who have the requisite qualifications and experience are encouraged to apply, by sending
    their current CVs, with telephone and e-mail contacts; addresses of three referees, and a cover letter to
    hr@indepthresearch.org cc. kelvin.nyaga@indepthresearch.co.rw.
  • Please put in the subject line of your e-mail: “Survey Supervisor/Enumerator and County/Town of
    current residence”.
    Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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