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Govt Releases Guidance on Grade 9 Student Placement.

Govt Releases Guidance on Grade 9 Student...

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How the Grade 12 evaluation will differ from the Grade 9 assessment.

How the Grade 12 evaluation will differ from the Grade 9 assessment. According to Belio Kipsang, principal secretary for basic education, learners would be placed...
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Teachers’ New TSC Commuter Allowance (2021-2025)CBA

Teachers’ New TSC Commuter Allowance (2021-2025)CBA

(2021–2025) New TSC Commuter Allowance for TeachersCBA. Kenyan teachers who work for the government are given financial assistance in the form of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Commuter Allowance, which pays for their transportation expenses to and from their places of employment.

This payment is intended to assist with the expenditures of regular transportation requirements, such as the commute from their homes to their numerous educational institutions or places of employment.

The Commuter Allowance rates for teachers have been adjusted by TSC in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for 2021–2025.

The chart below displays the commuting allowance rates for educators according to their work classifications and the 2021–2025 CBA.

Commuter Allowance for Teachers Based on Grades

Teachers in the B5 and C1 job groups are entitled to a stipend of Ksh. 4,000, while those in the C2, C3, and C4 job groups receive varying amounts of Ksh. 5,000, Ksh. 6,000, and Ksh. 8,000, respectively.

TSC Commuter Allowance for teachers increases as one ascends to higher job groups, with those in the D5 job group receiving the highest allowance of Ksh. 16,000.

Grade B5: 4,000

Grade C1: 4,000

Grade C2: 5,000

Grade C3: 6,000

Grade C4: 8,000

Grade C5: 8,000

Grade D1: 12,000

Grade D2: 12,000

Grade D3: 14,000

Grade D4: 14,000

Grade D5: 16,000

These figures represent the Commuter Allowance for teachers as per their respective grades and TSC salary scales.

This allowance’s main goal is to reduce the financial burden on teachers who must travel to their workplaces or schools.

The Commuter Allowance is typically paid alongside the teacher’s normal salary and is a part of their total compensation package. It is regarded as one of the supplemental allowances, taking into account that educators might have to pay for gas, public transit, or other commuting-related costs.

The specifics and rates of the TSC Commuter Allowance may change over time, it’s crucial to remember that.

The most recent information on this allowance is available in the official TSC guidelines and circulars, which teachers are urged to review.