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Transferred principals and their stations per county


Transferred principals and their stations per county

Transferred principals and their stations per county.

Teachers from both primary and secondary schools will be reassigned to other schools across the country as part of a nationwide teacher transfer exercise that began this month.

As the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) rationalizes employment across the country, many teachers are apprehensive about mass transfers next term.

TSC’s delocalization initiative has been a pain in the flesh for teachers throughout transfer times. Teachers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the moves are pulling families apart.

Teachers who are married and have reported their marital status would benefit greatly from these moves, as the commission has ordered that they be transferred to the same neighborhood as much as possible.

According to Commission CEO Nancy Macharia, the goal of this operation is to ensure that before the start of the new academic year, all schools have a balanced teacher-to-learner ratio. Schools will return for the first session on April 25, 2022.

Despite the commission’s various efforts to solve teacher shortages, CEO Macharia indicated in a circular to all TSC regional directors that the situation is compounded by irregular teacher distribution.

The TSC boss further stated that if the problem is not addressed, it will negatively effect learning outcomes in our educational institutions.

Transfer Eligibility

To be eligible for transfers, teachers must have served in a station for at least three years, or five years for North Eastern and other areas, respectively, since their first appointment unless otherwise authorized by the commission’s secretaries

Priority should also be given to teachers who have applied for and are eligible for the transfer. Ms. Macharia stated that in cases where teachers meet the transfer criteria, the commission will consider first in, gender balance where applicable, and teacher security.

“Henceforth, teachers transfer will be a continuous exercise to address staffing gaps and to ensure equitable distribution and optimal teacher utilization,” she added. She said the staff balancing exercises are intended to be complete by May 9.


Transfer requests are normally considered for approval by the Appointment Board, once, at the end of the year. However, the Commission can transfer a teacher at its discretion. A teacher wishing to be considered for transfer should do so by:

  1. Filling in a transfer application form through the head of the institution. Transfer forms are available at TSC offices countrywide or can be downloaded from the TSC website.
  2. Completed application forms should be sent to the TSC or its agents by the head of the institution.
  3. Transfers for primary school teachers within the county will be handled by the TSC County Director.
  4. Transfers outside the county will be handled by the TSC headquarters. Applications for transfer to tertiary institutions are processed at the TSC headquarters.

Transfer requests submitted to the Commission will be acknowledged promptly. The decision of the Appointment Board will later be communicated to the teacher. Transfers will be granted subject to the availability of vacancy and replacement

The long serving principal in the county was Kerongorori High School’s Mrs Tabitha Mogoi who has been transferred to Riambase in Nyamache Sub-county to fill the post of the school’s former principal who died early this year.

Her transfer paved way for the former principal of Botoro Secondary School in Marani Sub-county.

The principal of Nduru Girls School, Grace Onyango was transferred to Rabura Mixed Secondary School in Siaya County. It is not clear whether she will take the post of principal or a normal teacher.

Briefing Education News at Kerongorori Secondary School, Kenyenya Sub-county Quality Assurance and Standards Officer Mr. Isaiah Sairiki said that the teachers were like any other civil servants and can be transferred anytime.

He further added that they have to move immediately following the directives from their employer TSC.

The officer asked the principals to work with dedication in their new stations.

Other principals who were moved during the transfers include the principal of Tarang’anya High School in Migori County Mr. Aliva, moved to Terem High school to replace Mr. Benard Wamanga who will report to Kivaywa Secondary School in Kakamega County.




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