TSC Extension Of Teacher Promotion Deadline

TSC Extension Of Teacher Promotion Deadline

Deadline For Teacher Promotions Extended by TSC. A technical issue has prevented access to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) portal since Monday; as a result, educators have been allowed an extra week to submit their applications for promotions.

There were concerns that many professors might not receive promotions prior to the deadline, which fell on Friday, September 8.

The unions that represent educators have urged their employers to consider extending the application deadline by at least one week. This request is being made to enable the submission of applications for the 36,275 promotions that were formally announced in August.

The application process went well up until September 6, 2023, when a spike in traffic caused the system to experience an anomaly. Due to the significant influx of people who missed the application deadline, the ICT department is now building two more servers.

The ICT Directorate is requesting an extension of the advertisement period from Friday, September 8, 2023, to Friday, September 15, 2023, according to an internal memo that the nation has seen.

Teachers who spoke to the full audience expressed their frustration with the application process.

The application procedure has been a little disorganized. It would be wise to allow manual application submission in the event that people are unable to use the system. The person set out for the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) headquarters from Nyakach, which is located in Kisumu County.

Unfortunately, no help was obtained during this visit. A teacher who went to the Nation Centre said that they first went to the Kisumu office, where they were told that no further action could be done.

TSC Extension Of Teacher Promotion Deadline

In accordance with his account, he started working there in 2006, the same year that he entered the teaching field.

He received a promotion to Grade L (C3) in 2009, three years after receiving it, and he has remained in the same job group ever since.

I’ve submitted a request for consideration for a promotion. The years 2013, 2017, 2021, and the most recent promotions within the current year were unsuccessful for the person. The person voiced their displeasure at not being able to use the gateway at the moment and emphasized how little time was left.

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) chair Omboko Milemba has asked the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to take into account extending the application period in order to provide more teachers the chance to apply.

It is advised that the commission take into account increasing the length of the application window by a minimum of seven days in order to guarantee that all qualified people have an equal opportunity to apply for promotion.

The speaker claims that a sizable number of teachers run the risk of not being selected for interviews despite being qualified. All qualified instructors should, however, be given the chance to be interviewed.

The Emuhaya MP, Mr. Milemba, has asked that Sh1.2 billion be paid to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in the forthcoming supplementary budget in order to fund new teachers.

The commission has been given a total of Sh2.2 billion from the budget, with Sh1 billion set aside exclusively for filling open positions.

Teachers’ unions blame the TSC for the career stagnation of teachers, but the commission places the blame on the federal government for inadequate funds for career advancements.

TSC Extension Of Teacher Promotion Deadline

The TSC sent a text message to all educators two weeks ago explaining a technical issue that occurred with their systems during a statewide power outage.

Due to power instability, the TSC is now experiencing periodic disruptions in its web services. Please be patient while the technical team works to restore internet services. The words expressed sorrow for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

Contrary to earlier advertising, which mostly focused on administrative duties for teachers, the majority of the posts listed by the commission are for instructors of lower caliber.

In a typical secondary school, the position with the most openings is Senior Master IV, where there are now 12,716 vacancies. As a result, there are openings for the Senior Teacher II position at typical primary schools.

A total of 1,049 opportunities are available for headteacher promotions, 1,930 positions are available for deputy headteacher posts in regular primary schools, and 1,928 positions are available for secondary teacher I positions in regular schools.

In public elementary schools, where many of these positions are temporarily filled by teachers, this observation alludes to a chronic dearth of administrators.




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