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Govt Releases Guidance on Grade 9 Student Placement.

Govt Releases Guidance on Grade 9 Student...

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How the Grade 12 evaluation will differ from the Grade 9 assessment.

How the Grade 12 evaluation will differ from the Grade 9 assessment. According to Belio Kipsang, principal secretary for basic education, learners would be placed...
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TSC Official Promotion Interviews Marking Scheme (Sept. 2023)

TSC Official Promotion Interviews Marking Scheme (Sept. 2023)

Teaching Jobs for TSC Teachers. Kenyan schools are constantly looking for dedicated educators who can shape the youth of the country within the rich and varied educational environment.

The amount of open teaching positions around the country attests to the growing demand for instructors who are committed to cultivating young minds and enthusiastic about their specific fields.

In Mutomo Sub-County, Nzunguni Secondary School is educating students.

The Nzunguni Secondary School in Mutomo Sub-County requires a math and business studies instructor. For educators who are enthusiastic about both business and mathematics, this opportunity beckons. Call us at 0725259113 if you’d like more details.

Teaching at Nzunguni Secondary School is a calling to inspire and shape the next generation of world leaders.

St. Mark ACK Machakusi: Spreading Knowledge and Values

For a variety of topic areas, St. Mark ACK Machakusi is actively looking for motivated teachers. Algebra, chemistry, biology, agriculture, geography, kiswahili, history, and CRE (Christian Religious Education) experts are needed as teachers at the institution.

A rare opportunity to pass on knowledge and values to the future generation is provided by the variety of teaching positions. Contact the organization at +254 729 541298 with any questions.

Bridging Educational Gaps in Mombasa County at Kashani Secondary School

Kashani Secondary School, nestled in the scenic Nyali/Kisauni sub-county of Mombasa, urgently needs four committed teachers to fill crucial positions. These positions require expertise in several subject combinations:

1. Agriculture and Biology

2. Mathematics and Biology

3. Mathematics, CRE Business Studies, and history

Applicants must meet TSC (Teachers Service Commission) compliance standards, demonstrating their academic qualifications.

The school values its educators and offers competitive compensation of 23,000 Kenyan Shillings. If you’re interested, call the school office at 0723230292 for further information.

In conclusion, these teaching opportunities across Kenya highlight the crucial part that teachers play in determining the course of the country. Teaching is a great vocation that enables people to pass on knowledge, develop values, and motivate the next generation of leaders.

These educational institutions are working to give our children a high-quality education, which will aid in the development and prosperity of our lovely country. To join their ranks, they are actively recruiting passionate and committed educators.