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Updated Salary Scale For MCAs 2022


Updated Salary Scale For MCAs 2022

Updated Salary Scale For MCAs 2022.

Members of County Assembly (MCAs) play a key role in county governments .

The Constitution limits the role of a Member of the County Assembly to the county level of governance.

Legally an MCA plays three crucial roles; representation, legislation, and oversight.

They represent residents from their wards in governance at the county level. They make and amend laws that affect the counties and oversee the executive arm of the county government.

Elections for MCA position are held once after every five years during the general polls.

Salary Scale For MCAs in Kenya
In Kenya MCAs earn money monthly from their salaries and numerous allowance packages. Some of the allowances include sitting, medical, hardship, and housing. Initially, they earned a gross salary of Ksh 250,000. However, their pay has been increasing over time. Below is the current salary for MCA in Kenya.

1.Monthly salary – Ksh 165,000

2.Monthly airtime – Ksh 5,000
3.Sitting allowance- Ksh 5,000 per session

4.Monthly mileage allowance – Ksh 40,000

5.Per diem of local and foreign travel – Ksh 150,000 per month on average

On average ,therefore a Kenyan MCA receives a gross pay of close to Ksh 400,000.

However, the amount above could be more depending on the number of sessions one attends.

What are the qualifications of becoming an MCA in Kenya
To become a nominated or elected Member of the County Assembly, one has to meet a set of requirements.

i) He/she should be registered as a voter;

ii) He/she must satisfy any educational, moral, and ethical requirements prescribed by this Constitution or an Act of Parliament. Is either:

(a) nominated by a political party, or

(b) an independent candidate supported by at least 500 registered voters in the ward concerned.

A person is disqualified from being elected a member of a county assembly if the person

(a) is a State officer or other public officer, other than a member of the county assembly;

(b) has, at any time within the five years immediately before the date of election, held office as a member of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission;

(c) has not been a citizen of Kenya for at least the ten years immediately preceding the date of election;

(d) is of unsound mind;

(e) is an undischarged bankrupt;

(f) is serving a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months; or

(g) has been found, in accordance with any law, to have misused or abused a State office or public office or to have contravened Chapter Six.



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